Annual Maintenance

We undertake annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) for regular upkeep and upgradation (when required) of commercial and residential air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

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Air Conditioning

Amongst the top-rated commercial air conditioning solutions providers in Savannah, Georgia, our turnkey approach includes clearly providing the highest quality but affordable cooling solutions for their homes.

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Heat Pump Repair

Whether you are dealing with a worn out heat pump, reduced efficiency, or one that's completely broken, our service technicians can quickly identify the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

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Climate Control Heating and Air Conditioning have been in business in the greater Savannah area since 2012. We continue to evolve with technology and we specialize in solving the wide variety of problems and issues that other HVAC companies haven't begun to deal with. Our certified technicians are here to ensure that we serve our customers and make indoor climate control our top priority. With the proper care and maintenance, HVAC systems can last for years and even decades. Let Climate Control Heating and Air maintain your system and take away the pressure of worrying about your indoor equipment. We want your family to feel comfortable in their homes 365 days a year. Take a moment to review our services and schedule a consultation today.